Self-renewal System, Human Resource Development, MS-22

What is meant by 'self-renewal system? Explain the process of development of the internal resource of self-renewal work in your organization or any organization you are familiar with. Critically examine self-renewal system is an integral part of HRD'. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to.

Managing the change cycle is a self-renewing process. It empowers adults to be self-confident and generative. Generativity is defined by Hardin (1992) as a process whereby we learn to follow our deeper interests and longings and bring about change. It helps us to "avoid the dangers of self-absorption and stagnation because we learn to live in new ways that expand our horizons" . Hudson presents 10 skills for managing the change cycle, pointing out that "each skill has a time in the cycle when it performs a critical function but that all 10 are important at all times because to some degree parts of our lives are simultaneously at various places in the cycle":
1. Visioning or dreaming the plan - The dream or vision is the "driving force for the life structure, a source of passion and values. The plan is the plot for making the dream happen".
2.    Launching - Launching puts the plan to action; it requires "commitment and personal mission".
3.    Plateauing - Plateauing is the "art of sustaining a successful life structure.... It is knowing how to keep enriching the dream/plan for as long as it makes sense to do so".
4.    Managing the doldrums - This requires coming to terms with "decline, negative emotions, and feeling trapped in an increasingly dysfunctional life structure" .
5.    Sorting things out - Choosing "what to keep, what to eliminate or change, what to add, and how to proceed into a revitalized life structure" is the task of this step of the change cycle .
6.    Ending a life structure - This requires an ability to say farewell with gratitude and clarity, which frees you to consider your next options.
7.    Restructuring - This minitransition can be used if the life structure could be improved through some specific changes.
8.    Cocooning - The transition into a new life structure requires "turning inward to take stock, to find your own basic values, and to disengage emotionally and mentally from the former life structure" .
9.    Self-renewal - Following successful cocooning, this step involves a rebirth of self-esteem, a reevaluation of core issues and beliefs, and the recovery of hope and purpose.
10. Experimenting - Creativity, learning, risk taking, and networking give one a sense of purpose and power in creating a new life structure.


Finding meaning in our work is critical if we are to avoid stagnation and boredom (Bergquist et al. 1993). It is the responsibility of each individual to effect the change necessary to reinvent work so that it has personal relevance. Companies are requiring that employees take responsibility for their own careers. Grossman and Blitzer (1992) suggest strategies for career survival:
1.    honest assessment of self and skills;
2.    motivation and drive to establish and pursue a goal;
3.    awareness and knowledge of the strategic challenges of business in the 1990s (e.g., improving quality and customer service); and
4.    establishing an action plan that is built upon realistic expectations and that draws upon available resources, both within and outside the company.

Being able to accomplish successful career transitions within an existing organization/life structure or a new organization/life structure requires personal motivation. Successful transition is linked with one's sense of autonomy or internal locus of control, and manifested in a willingness to learn and a positive attitude. It is the force that propels individuals to take the initiative in directing their own lives and careers.
Many people find value in their work as a source of new learning and challenge. "They return to school, enter training programs, or enroll in workshops and seminars to keep up to date in their current jobs or strike out on their own" (Bergquist et al. 1993). Others, hampered by lack of drive, fear of failure, or reluctance to exit company retirement plans by terminating employment, stay in unsatisfying and/or stressful jobs. Bergquist et al. ask if the sacrifice is necessary or worthwhile. 'When does the time come for us to cease deferring gratification for the future and begin actually living the fabled future?" . Whatever their age, adults must find meaning and community in their work if they want to be generative and alive. Therefore, they must look toward continued opportunities to "reinvent work as a central part of reinventing themselves".

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