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Describe the objectives of multi-source assessment feedback system (MAPS).  Explain the procedure for assessment feedback system of your organization or any organization you are familiar with. Identify the merits and demerits of assessment feedback system. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to.

Multi Source Feedback System
Knowledge of one's strength helps one to become more effective, to choose situation in which one's
strengths are required and to avoid situation in which one's weaknesses could create problems. Often
people do not recognize their strengths. Supervisors in an HRD system have the responsibility for
ongoing observation and feedback to subordinates about their strengths and weaknesses, as well as
guidance in improving performance capabilities.
Feedback Training
Finally, a training program for raters should provide some general points to consider for planning and
conducting the feedback interview. The interview not only provides employees with knowledge of results
of their evaluation, but it allows the manager and employee to discuss current problems and set future
Training in specific skills should cover at least three basic areas:
1.    communicating effectively,
2.    diagnosing the root causes of performance problems, and
3.    setting goals and objectives.

A checklist can be used to assist supervisors in preparing for the appraisal interview. A checklist is shown in figure. 1. The checklist reflects the growing tendency of organizations to have employees assess their own performance prior to the appraisal interview.

Since the early years of their use methods of evaluating personnel have evolved considerably. Old systems have been replaced by new methods that reflect technical improvements and are more consistent with the purposes of appraisal. Performance appraisal methods can be broadly classified as measuring traits, behaviors, or results. Trait approaches continue to be the more popular systems despite their inherent subjectivity. Behavioral approaches continue to be the more popular systems despite their inherent subjectivity. Behavioral approaches provide more action-oriented information to employees and therefore may be best for development. The results-oriented approach is gaining popularity because it focuses on the measurable contributions that employees make to the organization.
Checklist for the feedback interview Scheduling:
1.    Schedule the review and notify the employee ten days or two weeks in advance.
2.    Ask the employee to prepare for the session by reviewing his or her performance, job objectives, and development goals.
3. Clearly state that this will be the formal annual performance appraisal.

Preparing for the Review :
1.    Review the performance documentation collected throughout the year. Concentrate on work patterns that have developed.
2.    Be prepared to give specific examples of above = or below = average performance.,
3.    When performance falls short of exceptions, determine what chances need to be made.  If performance meets or exceeds expectations, discuss this and plan how to reinforce it.
4.    After the appraisal is written, set it aside for a few days and then review it again.
5.    Follow whatever steps are required by your organization's performance appraisal system.
Conducting the Review:
1.    Select a location that is comfortable and free of distractions. The location should encourage a frank and candid conversion.
2.    Discuss each time in the appraisal one at a time, considering both strengths and shortcomings.
3.    Be specific and descriptive, not general and judgmental. Report occurrences rather than evaluating them.
4.    Discuss your differences and resolve them. Solicit agreement with the evaluation.
5.    Jointly discuss and design plans for taking corrective action growth and development.
6.    Maintain a professional and supportive approach to the appraisal discussion.

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