Induction is the guided adjustment of employee, Human Resource Planning, MS-23

"Induction is the guided adjustment of employee to the organization and his work environment". Discuss in the light of your organization or any organization you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to.

There are three main stages to the induction of new staff
a. pre-appointment
b. school/service level induction
c. corporate induction

The following flow chart summarises each of these stages.

A. Pre-Appointment

Although this Policy is concerned primarily with the effective induction of new staff after appointment, it is important to regard the induction process as commencing with the initial contact between DEL and the prospective employee established during the recruitment process. It is during this period that prospective staff form initial impressions about us and it is crucial that they are positive.

In this respect, Personnel Services are responsible for devising the policy on the recruitment and selection of staff and refining and monitoring its implementation. This policy aims to enhance our standing as a good employer and sets out the responsibilities of managers and Personnel Services and other staff in respect of:
•     the quality of recruitment information provided to potential recruits
•     the quality of recruitment practices and procedures generally (refer to Recruitment and Selection guidelines for more information)

Prior to the commencement of employment, Personnel Services will also take responsibility for providing the appointee with comprehensive and clear documentation detailing terms and conditions of employment.
The School of Education is responsible for providing new academic staff with the opportunity to develop learning and teaching skills via the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCLTHE). In accordance with our probation schemes both full and part time lecturers with limited teaching experience are contractually required to undertake a PGCLTHE. Staff who are required to undertake the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education will be selected by the selection panel by the Chairperson completing the P6 -Appointment Form accordingly.

The postgraduate certificate programme leader will then contact participants to liaise with them about the programme.

B. School/Service level Induction
The integration of new staff is critically affected by the quality of induction to their immediate working environment. Induction at this level must be carefully structured and should aim to put the new member of staff at ease.
The new staff member's immediate manager, when planning staff induction at a school or service level, must take into account the following:
•     Making arrangements to welcome a new member of staff
•     Ensuring that immediate and long term practical needs relating to the new member of staff are identified and arranged where possible before his or her arrival
•     Clarifying roles and expectations
•     Familiarising him or her with the specific aims, practices and ethos of the school or service
•     Arranging for an experienced colleague to help the staff member settle in and adjust to their new working environment. Typically he or she will provide guided tours of the campus and staff facilities, answer questions and provide practical advice.
Managers are responsible for ensuring that new staff have the facilities and support that they need
to do their job effectively.
Specifically immediate managers should:
•     Conduct, regular, constructive reviews of performance during the staff members induction and probation period
•     Refer to the job description and in conjunction with the new member of staff identify initial training and development needs
•     Support and encourage staff to meet identified needs, in liaison, as necessary, with UEL's Staff Development Unit.
To assist the manager in the preparation, delivery and evaluation of the new member of staffs school/service level induction, a 'Staff Induction Checklist' has been designed. The checklist needs to be completed by the immediate manager, although some items may be delegated to the colleague helping the new staff member settle in.
Before the first day of employment the manager and new member of staff will receive, from Personnel Services, a copy of the Staff Induction Checklist, a 'Staff Induction Handbook' and a contract of employment. Completed Staff Induction Checklists should be returned to the Staff Development Unit within 6 weeks, by the immediate manager. The unit will action the staff development needs identified and monitor and evaluate the induction process. A copy of the checklist should be kept by the new staff member and their immediate manager. At a local level, completed Staff Induction Checklists should be revisited as part of the first probationary review (see relevant probation procedures) and any outstanding development needs discussed.

C. Corporate Induction
The Staff Development Unit in collaboration with UEL's Organisational Development Manager will facilitate regular 'Staff Induction Days'.
Staff Induction Days will ensure that all new staff are welcomed to DEL personally by the VC (or rarely, by a senior colleague), and are briefed by Personnel Services staff on the following:
UEL's vision, values, history and future
An overview of schools and services
The range of staff and student facilities available
Maintaining and continuously improving the student experience
How UEL manages and develops staff and how we communicate as a staff team
Key policies, procedures and practices, including an introduction to our IT network, Equality and
Diversity, Health and Safety, Staff Development and Personnel Services
The Staff Induction Days will also provide an opportunity for new staff to network and enrol onto the following workshops:
Introduction to the HE Sector
Introduction to the UEL Network and Microsoft Outlook
Introduction to DELTA (student database)
Mandatory Fire Safety training

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